April 3rd, 2005

The Great Escape

Here's about 130 screencaps of the first half of The Great Escape with Steve McQueen. He's my favorite and just goshdern adorable so most of the caps are of him. When I find time I'll finish capping the rest, and if anyone has any requests of scenes they want capped, I'd be happy to oblige. :]

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Comments are good; credit is wonderful, but it's alright if you don't. :]
ESOTSM - Couch


686 caps from the movie Hannibal with Anthony Hopkins and Julianne Moore. Plus 71 caps from the still photos gallery on the second disc (which includes some shots of director Ridley Scott as well as the cast).

Warnings: I didn't cap the goriest (the killer pigs munching on people) or the most disturbing (Ray Liotta's brain) parts of the film because I am a chicken. However, there are some disturbing caps not the least of which is Mason Verger's face. So be forewarned.

Hannibal caps (22.4MB)

EDIT: The caps are now up at my website, so they should always be available.

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Please comment when downloading and credit if used. If the zip file has expired just comment and I'll upload it again. Thanks!
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Pixar Short - Boundin'

Because you can never have enough caps of dancing sheep:

221 HQ dvd caps of Boundin' (the short Pixar movie included on The Incredibles DVD)

All caps are 1250 pixels by 694 pixels in size, and you are free to use them for whatever you want. The only thing I ask is that you provide a link back to fever-of-fate.com with credit for the caps.

If you are using these caps to make icons, I'd really appreciate a link back in the icon post itself. :) Thanks and enjoy!

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