April 12th, 2005

ESOTSM - Couch


576 caps from the movie Besieged with David Thewlis and Thandie Newton. Caps focus more on David, but not exclusively.

Warnings: None really except for a bit of almost nudity at the end.

Besieged caps (17.3MB)

If the file is expired, just let me know and I'll upload it again.

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Please comment if downloading and credit if you use them. Thanks!
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jeter fan

Gilmore Girls - Episodes 1 & 2 of Season 1

I have recently become obsessed with Gilmore Girls and decided to buy the first season on DVD. Now that I have a DVD-Rom, I capped it while watching the first two episodes and decided to share them with you all. ^^ The pretty good quality - just a little squished, but not real noticeable - and the files aren't huge. They are 94 images for the first episode plus some from the opening credits and 43 images from the second episode. Files inside the cut.

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Screencap program?

I'm sorry, I'm not really sure if this is allowed or not, just delete it if not.

Um, anyone know where I can download a free program I can use to take screencaps? I've been searching for one forever, with no succes.

Small addition: Programs that let you cap DVDs. Apparently BSplayer doesn't do that.
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