April 20th, 2005

Charlotte - Lost in Translation
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ER - Shane West

Shane West on ER
Credits - Season 11 [8 Caps]
11.01 One For the Road [15 Caps]
11.02 Damaged [22 Caps]
11.03 Try Carter [275 Caps]
11.04 Fear [35 Caps]
11.05 An Intern's Guide to the Galaxy [308 Caps]

11.06 Time of Death
[33 Caps]
11.07 White Guy, Dark Hair
[46 Caps]
11.08 A Shot in the Dark
[204 Caps]
11.09 'Twas the Night [91 Caps]

11.10 Skin
[96 Caps]
11.11 Only Connect
[90 Caps]
11.12 The Providers [71 Caps]
11.13 Middleman [108 Caps]
11.14 Just As I Am [56 Caps]

11.15 Alone in a Crowd
[108 Caps]
11.16 Here and There
[10 Caps]
11.17 Back in the World
[72 Caps]
11.18 Refusal of Care </font>[119 Caps]

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    Regarding Oceans 12 and LOTR!!!

    Im soory everyone but i posted that I was gonna do Oceans 12 caps..... then everyone did them and so i dunno if I want to take the time to load them all up! But if there is a scene that you cant find just let me know ') !!!! But I am still doing the extras from LOTR's some will be up tonight! (have to wait til I get home from school!!!)

    Sorrry and much love!!!!
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    One Tree Hill - 2x17 - "Something I Can Never Have"

    I've got 949 screencaps all sized 624x352 of One Tree Hill - 2x17 - "Something I Can Never Have". Three samples are behind the cut, and zips are here:
    Part One - 239 caps, 6.26 MB. Right-click save, please.
    Part Two - 234 caps, 7.23 MB. Right-click save, please.
    Part Three - 240 caps, 7.60 MB. Right-click save, please.
    Part Four - 238 caps, 5.96 MB. Right-click save, please.

    Collapse )

    I'd appreciate it if you comment if you download them, and credit myself or whoresque if you use them in icons/graphics. :) Enjoy!

    Also - the files are still uploading, so they might not work for another 5 minutes. & yes, I'm well aware I went WAY overboard capping. I couldn't help it! :x

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