April 24th, 2005

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Alien Resurrection Director's Cut

discobloodbath6 requested caps from Alien Resurrections particularly of Michael Wincott's character Elgyn. I went ahead and capped most of the movie.
332 852x480 Caps of the Directors cut of Aliens Resurrection from the Quadrilogy diskset.
please save to your own Drive- do not hotlink- Enjoy
ETA: I tried to not get any nudity in these but I do send out a general warning due to the Gore factor it was sometimes hard not to cap it due to, well, so much of it :)

American Dreams 3x10, 3x11, 3x12

640x352 or 624x352 caps of American Dreams 3x10, 3x11, and 3x12. I went to post the caps I made of 3x12 and realized the 3x10 and 3x11 were gathering dust in my screencap folder as I'd never posted them.

+comment if you're taking
+no credit necessary unless you plan on reposting whole caps.
+don't hotlink

373 American Dreams 3x10 Caps: Cap Gallery | Zip of All Caps
348 American Dreams 3x11 Caps: Cap Gallery | Zip of All Caps
414 American Dreams 3x12 Caps: Cap Gallery | Zip of All Caps

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Hello everyone..

I'm kinda new to Livejournal and i'm totally new to screencapping. I have a TV Wonder Pro classic that I just got, and it says right on the back that i can take screencaptures with it, but what exactly do i do? Does anyone know? And then once i get the actual screencaps how do i make a new post in LJ and make it link to another?

All help totally appreciated,

<3 DJ
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The OC - 1.18 - The Truth

307 caps of the O.C. episode "The Truth".

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Comment if you take, crediting would be nice. Enjoy.

So apparently my host-to-be forgot about me, so I'm gonna have to ask this again.. anyone wanna host me and my files? Sorry it must be annoying for me to keep asking, but I still don't have any other place than YouSendIt. Just comment here or send me email at sugar_xox@livejournal.com!

leenygirl is the greatest! <3333
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Scary Movie 2 - Quite close to 2,000 screen caps

And it's FINALLY done. Woot. Migraines and a computer-hogging-freeloading-wench ate up my time, but they are here and they are CUTE. Anna reminds me of Britney Spears before she went all ghetto, and the Wayans have the best facial expressions ever!

Anyway. No samples this time, just some zips. Each has about 500 files,

Zip One - 500 files - 21MB
Zip Two - 500 files - 18MB
Zip Three - 349 files - 14MB
Zip of the Extras/Deleted Scenes - 448 files - 12MB

Just comment if you snag and remember me should you make fan art or icons. Especially if they're Chris related because I'd love to add them to the upcoming fansite.