April 29th, 2005

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Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law (Eps #10 - 13)

The last of the Harvey Birdman season one caps. I have caps from the last four eps and also a few caps from the live action extras.

Warnings: This show is on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and features cartoon characters behaving in an adult manner.

I've also checked the links for the other episodes I've posted and they should all be current. They are here and here.

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Please comment if downloading and credit if you use them. Thanks!
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rob thomas

Request Filled: Rob Thomas-Lonely No More video

someone requested caps of the Rob Thomas solo video Lonely No More (hurry up and get some more Matchbox 20 stuff done Rob!!) so i d/led and capped. Icon i'm posting with is an example of what can be done with them. Probs only good enough quality for icons maybe layout though.

zip file
photobucket album password: sword

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comments and credit appreciated

www.moonlitgraphics.co.uk-all my other caps i've done

Power dvd problem, help?

ok I have never had a problem capping torrents, the torrents i normally cap are a perfect size. however I just downloaded an entire season of a show, the screen size of these are 480x480, which is making the visual off. the read me with the torrents tell you this and say to adjust them. However no matter what i do my power dvd is still taking caps of the original 480x480 size. I have it set to cap current window size NOT original video source. it's driving me insane. anyone know how to fix this?
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Charmed - Season Five Opening Credits

Since I've been recording all of the Charmed episodes from "Oh My Goddess" on, I figured "Hey, why not cap the while I'm at it?" Right now I do have 276 caps of the opening credits for Season Five (with Dorian Gregory rather than Drew Fuller). They should be lovely for animations and the like.

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And if anyone is interested, hopefully I'll be getting up screencaps for Collapse )

So if there's a specific scene you'd like, speak now or forever hold your peace. I'm not promising these will be done by the end of the weekend, but I will try my hardest ;)
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casualty 1907 millais/ethel feel my love

The Office 1.01

Hi, here are 376 caps of the first episode of the BBC show The Office. Most are 1024x576 but there are a handful of 960x536 simply because I forgot to put the dvd back to full-screen a few times after checking how the caps were coming out. I only did this a few times, though, so most are 1024x576. I plan on doing all episodes (there were only 12 in all) eventually.

Please comment and credit three_nails or finger_painter if you use these. Thanks!

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