April 30th, 2005

Breathe (3 a.m.)-- Anna Nalick

okay so I did some caps of this video for my own personal use but I decided to offer them to you guys here. They aren't the best quality but are good for icon size images. It's not the whole video because Itunes wouldn't play the end but i managed to cap over half of it.

Rules of use
1) Credit (link back to shattered-bliss.org/caps)
2) Don't direct link to any of the caps
3) Comment (it would be nice to know who's using my caps)

link and a sample behind cut tag

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PPL→ Ashley & Kellan [hug]

Technical Question, Subtitles

I downloaded the PowerDVD trial, and I've already grabbed 11 of my DVD's to cap. A few days ago I started capping a movie but I had to get off my computer so I didn't get to finish. Right now I started capping a movie, and I noticed the subtitles were on so I went to turn them off. When I went back to capping, the subtitles were still on. I tried it on a couple different movies and I can't get the subtitles off any of them. I'll click "off" repeatedly, but it won't work. When I started capping the other day, there were no subtitles on the screen. I really want to make these caps... What am I doing wrong? Any way to fix it?


Would anybody be interested in screencaps of the first episode of Lost? I am going to be doing it for my friend, should I post them here as well?
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Orlando Bloom in "Troy"

I just made somewhere around 563 captures of just Orlando Bloom in Troy (ok, so I got a little obsessive, but the damn bastard twitches so much). They're 852x480 and if you use, I ask that you credit me. DO NOT HOTLINK.

If anyone of you would also like me to make some caps of scenes from Almost Famous, The Notebook, or Spanglish, just tell me which ones and I'll make caps :)

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PPL→ Ashley & Kellan [hug]

cap preference?

I plan on capping several movies within the next few hours, and I already started capping one movie and realized that I've pretty much been capping every single frame. So I have a question:

Would you guys rather have just the "important" caps (the ones of the memorable scenes, characters, etc), or would it be better if I just continued capping all of the frames like I have been (I'm in Chapter 3 of a movie and I already have more than 2,000 caps)?

I don't want to cap every single thing if most people here would rather just have the basics of each movie.

Lenore and Mr. Bear Bear

Dragonheart (1996)

If you've never seen this film before I recommend it. Some of the actors you will find in the captures are Dennis Quaid, David Thewlis, Jason Isaacs and Dina Meyer(Starship Troopers) Again more caps that are really necessary 4,123. The caps are 960x536 in size and not re-touched with any photo editing software. I have uploaded them to both PhotoBucket and used YSI for the ZIP files.

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