May 1st, 2005

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The OC - DVD Extras

90 caps of the O.C. DVD Extras.

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Comment if you take, credit is a good thing. Enjoy.

So, that's it, folks! I hope everyone will find my caps useful and I hope you credit me if you use them. Now we shall wait until the second season DVD comes out..
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karl&creativity... (( UW ))

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle - Episode 4

Basically, theFileBin apparently was loading way too slow. And so I used YouSendIt. There are 2 zip files that total up to 828 screencaps. No idea why my finger that was capping went a little crazy during the beginning. ^^; Don't have any samples this time. (I might upload some later...*shrugs*)

Zip File Part 1: 15.9 MB
Zip File Part 2: 13.8 MB

Cross-posted to: animescreencaps, cap_it, and tsubasarc.
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lemony snicket DVD caps! 3149 caps.

okay sorry this took so long. these took FOREVER to upload. Funny...i'm STILL upload caps. however, the actual movie caps are finished, as well as the outtakes and the deleted scenes are almost done. i do have the special edition 2 disc set and have capped those and will upload when im done with disc 2.

there are 3149 caps of the whole movie, plus God know how many other caps of all the extra features. i'm sorry there are no zips but it took me long enough just to upload the stupid caps. so im sorry :(

anyway please enjoy! credit callmefreak or freak_icons if you use them!

all caps (including extras) 960x540. i'm sorry extras are such bad quality, but thats how the dvd looks.

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I have a question. I have been trying a 100 different ways to get screen caps and I have no idea how to do it.. can anyone pleaseeeee explain how to get screeshots of videos i have saved on my computer. I would be very grateful. I dont know what "tools" I need so if you could explain everything or even send me somewhere, where they have it explained already, I would reallyyyy appreciate it thanx =]
Bleach- Grimm/Ichi

Cowboy Bebop Episode 4: Gateway Shuffle

Ok, slowly but surely, I'm cranking these out. Here's episode 4.

All images from here are JPG (though the files are same size as the BMP I discovered). I figured out how to change the configuration on the caps.


- Comment if taking.
- Credit scarlite in userinfo if using.
- Take and Enjoy!

(Sorry, no samples this time, accidently deleted caps after I zipped and downloaded to get some space back.)

Gateway Shuffle:
Part 1 76 Caps
Part 2 71 Caps
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Kelsey Grammer Presents The Sketch Show - Episode 2

Here are 302 caps for the second episode of Kelsey Grammer Presents The Sketch Show. All of the caps are 720x480. If there are any scenes you'd like capped in more detail (for icon making or whatever the reason) just let me know.

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Credit isn't necessary for any of the icons. If you'd like to join my Mary Lynn/Sketch Show community please feel free to check it out at marylynnfans. All the Mary Lynn caps -as well as icons and other things- are posted there.
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