May 4th, 2005

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One Tree Hill - 2x19 - "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning"

I've got 744 screencaps all sized 624x352 of One Tree Hill - 2x19 - "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning". Three samples are behind the cut, and zips are here:
Part One - 245 caps, 7.15 MB. Right-click save, please.
Part Two - 246 caps, 5.78 MB. Right-click save, please.
Part Three - 253 caps, 8.18 MB. Right-click save, please.

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I'd appreciate it if you comment if you download them, and credit myself or whoresque if you use them in icons/graphics. :) Enjoy!

Also - the last ZIP is still uploading, so it won't work for another 5 minutes. Done now.

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Phantom of the Opera dvd featurette

I made screencaps of the first of the featurettes on the Phantom of the Opera 2-Disc dvd set. It is called "Origins and Casting of The Phantom of the Opera" and includes footage from the premiere, interviews, and behind the scenes shots. There are 141 caps at photobucket. Enjoy =D!

Please comment and credit three_nails or finger_painter if you use these. Thanks!

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