May 16th, 2005


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Hello, I am Derek! I am quite excited to learn of the existence of this comm.!!!
This is my first post, I am new to icon making and the like BUT I have been collecting screencaps for some years now. I was always telling myself I'd make myself a T-shirt or use a pic. for a character I played in an RPG! But to have the opportunity to share these pix is AWESOME!

SO lemme see If i got how this works now, Here's a link to the Charlie and the Chocolate factory Screencaps;

and here's a coupla' samples, they are unaltered as per the request upon joining (mod's tell me if they too big)

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Enjoy-joy these pix!
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royal oreilly tenenbaum

Almost Famous (well untitled really)

I am in the process of doing the caps right now, but its going to take a while, and i have to keep saving every few minutes because my dvd program is messing up. does anyone have any scenes in particular that they want really bad? Im going to cap the whole thing, im just trying to get the most wanted up faster.



royal oreilly tenenbaum

almost famous: part one of ???

okay, so the blaze dvd trial software that i am using is being really really stupid, so it keep just shutting down, so i have to save everything in parts. so here is part one, of what will be the whole movie. please dont hotlink, and credit isnt necessary! This is from the start of the movie until half way through the radio interview. enjoy!

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