May 17th, 2005

Charlotte - Lost in Translation
  • _aced_

ER - 2.05, 2.06 and 2.07

ER - 2.05 And Baby Makes Two [ZIP-File 42,9 MB, 1024x576 Pixel, 689 Caps]
ER - 2.06 Days Like This [ZIP-File 43,3 MB, 1024x576 Pixel, 767 Caps]
ER - 2.07 Hell and High Water [ZIP-File 44,4 MB, 1024x576 Pixel, 737 Caps]

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If the links expire, but you would still like to download the ZIP-Files leave a comment and I will upload them again. :)

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Episodes 1 + 2:
Episodes 3 + 4:

Windows Media Screencap Help?

Hey All, I'm sorry to be annoying about something that I'm sure is really quite basic...

But I've been trying for about three weeks now to get screencaps in Windows Media Player, and I just can't get it to work. I've tried slowing the video acceleration, and lots of other stuff, but it just doesn't seem to work. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. :)