May 18th, 2005


Windows Media Player and Direct X. - a warning!

I havn't been able to take any screencaps of avi files using this player since I updated DirectX. I have acceleration turned all the way down in both the control panel and the player itself. I tried a nornally very reliable third-party capping program and still can't take caps in this program. Some other file types (wmv) still seem to work.

This is just a warning to people who like to cap using WMP: DO NOT update DirectX.

People who have only recently aquired WMP may also find themselves in this situation since the new version requires that you have installed the lastest version of Direct X.
tmb ; we love the chosen one


So I've finally got around to cap Blow [I'm pretty sure this was requested some time ago, but not sure]. Anyway. I give you a bunch of Blow-caps [over 2000 divided in to parts so it's easier to download]. And the usual: comment, credit if used, that stuff.
Oh, and by the way, the caps are for some reason 720x576. If you want them bigger or something just tell me, and I'll try to work on that.

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My list of dvds

Hi all! I was thinking of starting to cap the movies I have on dvd, so check out my list and comment if you want one of the movies capped or just a specific scene.


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