May 20th, 2005

star trek: tos caps, [part of] season one

i've been slowly going through the episodes in order. 

63 of 1x04, "mudd's women".  Collapse )

165 of 1x05, "the enemy within".  Collapse )

84 of 1x06, "the man trap". Collapse )

166 of 1x07, "the naked time".  Collapse )

130 of 1x08, "charlie x".  Collapse )

139 of 1x09, "balance of terror".  Collapse )

80 of 1x10, "what are little girls made of?".  (someone requested the scene with kirk and robot!kirk on the robot-kirk-making machine.  those start here and there are 22.) Collapse )
casualty 1907 millais/ethel feel my love

Hanes commercial featuring Marisa Tomei

I made 51 screencaps of the Hanes commercial featuring the actress Marisa Tomei =). I was only able to find the video on the Hanes site, so they are small (220x170) and the quality is iffy, but I tested them out quickly and decided that they could be used for icons fairly well once shrunken and sharpened and such. Enjoy!

Please comment and credit three_nails or finger_painter.

Collapse )

I'm also working on In Good Company screencaps right now. Those should be up this weekend.
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plus size model pretty

Robin Hood (Disney animated verison)

Filling captainz, delta_forc3, and echoglow's request, as well as the unwritten request for the thousands of fans of Disney's Robin Hood. I capped it all, and I tried to get a wide variety of pictures of all the characters, but my favorite scenes are the lovey-dovey ones with Rob and Marian, so there are a few more of those. There are about 430 caps total. If you use, please credit me. It took me forever to do them!

Collapse )

Gallery is now up. I had to not include about 80 pics, because a free photobucket account wouldn't hold them all. I tried to take out those which are a bit redundant. Anyway, the link is:
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