May 24th, 2005

Breaking Bad

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Hi all - I'm new, love screencapping because it gives me an excuse to watch movies more often, and am looking for any excuse not to study for my Psych exam. So...Collapse )

I know a lot of these have already been done, but in case you want a specific scene or something, I figured I'd just put them all up. I will fill any and all requests, but it won't always be immediate since I do have to study eventually, more's the pity.

Try to be as specific as you can if you want something other than the entire movie, and if it's a show do say what episode(s) you're wanting, because I'm lazy and it makes my life easier XP
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Revenge of the Sith Requests Filled

Last lot of caps made for Requests any other requests please make on my community beyondstarwars this is where all the rest of the caps will now be going.
I will be deleting the other Revenge of the Sith posts I have made and I will edit this one when I have set up my site which will have the caps from the film on it.

Caps 352x264 I could stretch them to make them bigger but then they would lose the top quitly that they are.
Due to the fact that most of them will spoil it for people all samples are under an cut.

Please credit hobbitfanatic and beyondstarwars
I would also love to know what you do with them just call me nosey.

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Rule Reminder: Sample Caps behind a cut

This rule hasn't been really enforced strongly in the past, but it's becoming more and more of a problem. Please make sure to put all sample caps behind an LJ-cut when posting caps to the community. Sample caps present problems to people on slow connections, people with certain layouts, and people who don't want to see any spoilers.

From now on if you post a sample outside of a cut you will be asked to edit your post and if you don't, your post will be deleted. Please remember that those who receive repeated warnings will be banned. Thanks.

And I know I haven't sent out emails to the memory mod application people, but I've been really busy and pretty forgetful. I'll try to get them sent out later today. Sorry for the delay.
so i'm back to the velvet underground

Pocahontas (1995 Disney Movie)

I did not make these caps, but there's some caps from the new 2-disc Pocahontas DVD up here. She hasn't finished yet, but it's on her to-do list. The site also has caps from the previously deleted "If I Never Knew You" sequence. I'll provide a direct link to the page, as it's not in the gallery just yet.

Direct link to the gallery where you'll find a link to the caps. I link to the gallery because I don't know if she'll put "Next/Previous page" links on the screencap pages themselves, and because there's caps from the making-of featurette on the DVD and concept art.

Direct link to the "If I Never Knew You" caps.

If you use them, you may either link to her site, Clear Black Lines, somewhere or give credit to clearblacklines.

If it's against the rules to post caps someone else made in here, feel free to delete the post.
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