May 25th, 2005

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Naked as We Came video

I made 94 caps of Iron and Wine's Naked as We Came video. It features some goldfish, a table full of trinkets, a first kiss, and golden rain. It is really very cute. You can watch it on iTunes or here. The mp3 is here.

The caps are here on Photobucket; the password to the account is "dance".

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I don't need credit, but comment if you take any. It is fun to see who uses them. Enjoy!
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Revenge of The Sith Caps

Okay...I'm capping the copy of Revenge of the Sith I downloaded off the net. It has the timecode on it but the pictures are still pretty cool. I'm doing the scenes people requested first, then I'll work my way through the whole thing. Let me know if anyone wants anything specific. Also keep refreshing my Photobucket page throughout the night as I plan on staying up late doing there will be new additions all night.

Episode 3 Screen Caps

*X posted all whore I am*