May 28th, 2005

[Wall-E] - Look up


I am going to be capping all of these as full movies, but I am curious as to which order they should be capped. So, if you guys wouldn't mind, could you vote and tell me which movie you want capped the most?

Also, if anyone wants specific scenes from these movies, just leave a comment and I'll write it down and make sure to cap those scenes in more detail...

Which movie would you like capped?

Runaway Bride
Pay It Forward
Mrs. Doubtfire
The Mummy
The Truman Show
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Zippidety doo daa?

I know these things are really annoying and i never normally do this but i desperatley want to know and i am hoping you can help me so... retarded question follows....

How do i make something into a zip file?Thank you got my answer :)

I a have a whole load of screencaps and my own webspace etc but i have no idea how to turn folders into zips so i can share them, if any one can help me it would be most appreciated

thanks barbara xx
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