May 30th, 2005

K. Thomas - "Hair Cape"

What Dreams May Come

Wow...a lot more people than I expected requested these caps.  I filled each scene request and wound up with 1200 caps.  Samples and links behind the cut.

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Please comment if taking any, and credit is appreciated, but not mandatory.

-K. Thomas

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I hope the mods don't mind this, but I'm pretty new to the whole capping thing. I'm going to be uploading my caps to a site/gallery. Is it also a good idea to post zip files as well? Or?
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I'm so, so sorry

Ok, so I have myself been rolling my eyes at people asking about how to cap because, HELLO, it's not that hard. But apparently I have fallen into the category of people who ask annoying questions. So please bear with me, and no, there's no answer in the memories.

I just got my laptop and at first I was thrilled, it would include a DVD player! All I could think of was which movies and tv shows of mine I'd be able to cap. The computer has PowerDVD and since everyone uses that program I thought it was set. Only it turns out, PowerDVD installed on DELL computers does not allow capping. This sucks. This majorly sucks.

So my question is, does anyone know how to override this? Somehow make it possible to cap?
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iPod TV Spots Caps

abigail_nicole and wanderingdream requested captures of the iPod TV spots, so I went ahead and made some. I made caps of three spots, and because the files are so small, I zipped them into one file, which you can find here (3.8MB). Please right/control+click and save. The Pop-Lock and Rollerskating spots are 640x480, while the iPod Shuffle spot is 640x360.

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