June 5th, 2005

the fall - masked bandit, the fall - lee pace

Anne of Avonlea (aka "Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel") - Anne/Gil scenes only (post 1 out of 2)

hey everyone,
a year ago i was trying to make icons from the 'anne' movies, and i found that caps were really hard to come by - so i decided to make my own. as these were my first attempts at caps, they're kind of small and not always amazing in quality, but people seemed to like the ones i made of AOGG anyway, so i thought i'd post my caps from anne of avonlea. however, i've misplaced 2 of the zip files (the last 2 scenes), and as soon as i find them, i will upload and post them (in a new entry, and i will also edit this one with a link to the new one).

for sample caps and downloadable zip files of the anne/gilbert scenes (and a few other favorites of mine) from the beginning of the movie until the gazebo scene, CLICK HERE. please enjoy them, and let me know if there are any problems, or if you have any suggestions for better cap-making!

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(a note to the mods: i don't believe in fake lj-cuts, but if it is against the rules to just link to my own entry, please let me know and i will repost the links and sample caps directly in this entry instead of linking. i didn't notice anything in the rules about it.)
The Trash Heap Has Spoken

Gargoyles the Awakening Parts 3 & 4

I believe since these are two episodes from the same series I'm allowed to put them in one post...let me know if I should edit this :-)

Part Three
*267 .jpg pictures, 8.27 Mb

Part Four
*244 .jpg pictures, 8 Mb

All pictures are 720x540. Comment/Credit if you enjoy/use :-)

EDIT: Okay, apparently I'm having some trouble with these files. The site I was using isn't big enough to handle all these files, so I'm currently looking for somewhere else to store them (and if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be grateful!)