June 6th, 2005

A question

May I ask what software / program you people use to creat screen caps? I hope this is okay to ask here, it's just that I have alot of dvds I would like to cap to use and to share but i can't seem to find a program that makes decent quality caps :(

thank you very much.
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Request filled - I Am Sam caps - whole movie

nycsunshine requested this way back in February.
There are 2,858 caps of this movie.
It was really hard, because of the shaky and spinning movements of the camera, which added to the artistic aspect of the film, but really made a clear cap difficult to catch. So, there are a lot of blurry, or semi-blurry shots, sorry, it just couldn't be helped. Half the film is blurry to watch, anyway. I made a ton of them, so hopefully you can find the shot you were looking for.

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Please comment if taking. Credit if used.

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Does anyone have a program that takes caps by itself, ie you let the movie (or whatever) run and it takes caps every second or two? That would be very helpful. DO you seriously just press the hot key all the time, cause that seems like it would be very boring..

WinDVD Screencap Size

I have Intervideo WinDVD 5 Platinum, and I checked the memories but didn't seem to find the answer to my question.

When I cap things, they are at a resolution of 852x480. Is there any way I can change (directly through WinDVD) the size of the screencaps? I need them bigger, as I'm trying to make some wallpapers.