June 7th, 2005

Aladdin: Rajah the Tiger

So I capped Aladdin a few nights ago and wanted to have a Rajah cap gallery so it's up. Some of these were cut, which may be against the rules, but it was nessicary to keep intact the expressions when I resized them to fit on photobucket.

On to the captures (only 48)!

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I love to see work done with my caps, so please if anyone does use these show me your stuff. Comment required, credit not. That's the way my caps work.
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Celebrity Squirrel (CL&R Special)

This special feature was released at the Conker Live and Reloaded website. It's for a Xbox game, and it owns you. Verily.

Why would you be interested on these scaps? Well, Ryan Stiles is in it. And he's hilarious as always. :)

Since the game is rated M (Mature), I think the warning for possibly disturbing images is implied.

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Muse - Stockholm Syndrome

I just finished capping the new version of the music video for the song "Stockholm Syndrome" by Muse.
Uploaded them all onto a photobucket and under the "Muse Screencaps" there are also caps from other Muse music videos and footage.

Amount: 30 caps

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - extended trailer caps

I decided to cap the trailer of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (it can be seen over here) for my own icons and figured other people might like them as well. After doing this I have a huge newfound respect for people who do screencaps. Just capping a few-minutes-long trailer took me 3 days. (Of course I wasn't continuously capping for the whole time, xD)

I capped them at 480x272, which is the size of the "large" trailer on Apple, but Photobucket reduced some of the more-colorful ones to 360x204 for some reason. I know that's pretty small. x_X; But the Photobucket link is here (end to beginning just because it decided not to go in alpha order. x_X) and if anyone wants the zip file with all images at 480x272, I'll be happy to upload it, just ask!

Zip file (Will upload again if needed, again just ask!)

Exactly 150 caps in all.

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