June 8th, 2005

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Charmed Ep 6x10 "Chris-Crossed" - 785 Good Quality Caps

Here are 785 caps from Charmed Ep 6x10 'Chris-Crossed'. The caps are about the best quality you'll find until the dvd's come out and they're 512 x 384 in size (taken from an .avi file). Please note they're mostly Chris-centric with lots of Bianca and little or no Charmed ones because I reallly didn't need them, only the Drew goodness.

• CREDIT to gothic_nyx if you use them for anything at all.
• COMMENT when you download them. I don't host them on my own domain for nothing.
• NO HOTLINKING because it will force me to be mean and nasty and take them down. I will be checking.
• NO STEALING because that's just plain rude.

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Beyond the Sea

Would anyone be interested in caps from the entire movie of Beyond the Sea? I bought the movie yesterday and absolutely loved it. Since no one has capped it yet, I'd be willing to. If someone is already planning to cap the movie, just let me know and I won't do it.
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Blur - "Parklife"

Since I finally received the Blur: Best Of DVD in the mail, I've started screencapping a few music videos. First up is "Parklife" with 98 caps.

As always, NO HOTLINKING, comments are appreciated, credit is adored.

And these are really, really icon-worthy. They're Blur.

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Blur - "Countryhouse"

Third for the night (and possibly last, as I have a paper to do). 123 caps of Blur's video for "Countryhouse."

NO HOTLINKING, comments are appreciated, credit is adored.

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Next up? Whichever video I can get squeezed into a massive study/paper-writing session. However, if you want a particular video capped from the DVD (I can also get not-so-great quality caps of "Crazy Beats"), let me know and I'll try and get it done as I have no preference at the moment.
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If I capped some of Say Anything, just certain scenes, would anyone be interested? I haven't done them yet, but I want to know if anyone wants any particular scenes. I just watched it for the first time and I'm in love.

PowerDVD help?

I have been trying to get some caps of behind-the-scenes things of several of my DVDs. I have PowerDVD and I heard that is what you use to make caps. I have searched EVERYTHING on the PowerDVD and cannot find out how to do so. I tried Quicktime, because that can be copied - but it will not play my DVDs.

If there is a program or instructions I need, I would really, really appreciate it if anyone could help. I'll post the caps here, too.

THANK YOU! in advance, of course.

From the heart of my bottom,
Captain Llama