June 9th, 2005

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Alias 4x20 The Descent HDTV Caps

I made 526 HDTV caps of the Alias episode 4x20 "The Descent" all sized 1272x720. I made the Jen and Vartan caps I've been accustomed to doing, then went back and made caps of the rest of the cast. It's a tad less daunting that way. There are 247 Jen/Vartan caps and 279 other cast caps.

Note: There aren't any Jen or Vartan caps for scene 2 because it was a Rifkin/Maestro scene.

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Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome--297 caps

This is my first capping attempt so I hope someone can use them. All that was done to them was coverting to jpg.

Credit is cool, but not neccessary, commenting is lovely. Hot linking, not so cool.

Link and sample icons made from a couple of the caps behind the cut. You can take the icons if you want, just credit angstpuppy in key words.

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Dracula II: Ascension - Diane Neal

These caps are strictly of Diane Neal. Other people appear in a few of them, but Diane's the one I was capping the movie for. Thought I'd share 'em with you all:


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There are 420 caps in total, credit is not necessary if you use these. Let me know if you see something you like/dislike, and if there's any part of the movie you'd like specifically capped, please let me know and I'll do it for you. :) This and other Diane caps are also posted at my group, DianeNealCaps@Yahoo. Check it out if you'd like!

**warning: caps are un-edited (other than being converted to JPEG), and as such, if your monitor is very dark (like mine is here at work *argh*), you might have problems viewing the images. The movie itself didn't have much light -after all, it is Dracula!- so if you need pictures edited, let me know and I can lighten a few up for you**

Noo Idea where to get ideas on this so i'd try here.,..

Ok I have my own server and i've been trying to upload my ftp files of my caps and it keeps failing on all of them halfway through and I get a failed message it doesn't give me any explanation. I try and upload using cpanel and it uploads but then says file is corrupted. I even reformated last night and redid everything. It worked before but now it doesn't. I use ws-ftp Pro.
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i just made a post about hotlinking. i'm not sure if this is acceptable, but it's for everyone that's ever made icons and graphics and get frustrated when icon thieves come and steal bandwidth.

if the post is not accepted, however feel free to delete it asap. i'm only doing this to help.

see how hotlinking is evil.
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