June 10th, 2005

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Eddie Izzard- Definite Article

WOO HOO! Sorry, Just feelin the Eddie Love. Almost 600 caps (which is probably entirely too many for a stand-up DVD, but whatever) from all of Definite Article.
Left in .bmp format for higher quality, these caps are unretouched at FABULOUS!
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Question: PowerDVD.

Hi. I just had a question about capping concerning PowerDVD.

Whenever I try to capture a video file in PowerDVD, the whole window flashes black for a moment before resuming play. When I cap DVD's, I do not have this problem. Is there a way to solve this?

While I'm at it... may I ask why my caps always come out such crappy quality? It's disapointing me to see other people's caps then look at mine and how much worse they are. I'm pretty sure it also has to do with PowerDVD, because I scrounged up some old caps from way back when I used WinDVD and they look a bit better.