June 15th, 2005

Deep Sea Fanglyfish!!

Homestar Runner dot net! I mean...

Here's an offer I know some of you won't be refusing.

The first 5 (or so) comments with requests for two or three specific caps from any Homestar Runner.com episodes (other then Teen Girl squad, since pretty much all of those are covered by another gracious capper from this site) I will screencap. This includes the toons, SB emails, the opening screens, the bios... Absolutely anything on their website that you want or need. As long as you give me the clear location and what you want exactly.

In fact, I'm even going to throw in an offer to make a static icon/base for the first few comments that request one - if I'd use it I'll make it for you until I put an edit on this post that reads "OVERLOAD."

And if you have a request and you're not the 5th commenter? Comment anyway and I might do it while I'm in the neighborhood.

If this goes over well, maybe in a few weeks I'll post again. :)

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