June 16th, 2005

ESOTSM - Couch

Life as a House

1,383 caps from Life as a House with Kevin Kline, Kristin Scott Thomas, Hayden Christensen, Jena Malone, Ian Somerhalder, and Mary Steenburgen.

Warnings: Drug use, some nudity, and non-graphic sex scenes. And oh yes there are caps from the shower scene.

Click here to download the zip file (47.3MB)

I'm using RapidShare for hosting files now since the downloads last forever or until the file has gone 30 days without being downloaded. Just click the link above and scroll down to click "Free." You'll wait a few seconds and then you can click the file to download it.

EDIT: All of my caps are now up at http://screencaps.allthewhitehorses.net, so if you can't get the link to work for you, feel free to drop by the site to download them.

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Please comment when downloading and credit if you use them. If the link is expired, just let me know and I'll upload it again. Enjoy!
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Me & Matty

Question I didn't find it the Tuts here.

Hello, my name is Justin and I've recently started capping things because I just need certain images :o)

However, I have a question. I was just going to use my DVD program in conjuction with Photoshop to make caps. I would pause, choose PRINT SCREEN and paste it in Photoshop, but when I tried to save the image, it's a blank, black image. Am I missing a step here?

As of now I'm using WinDVD, but it's a free trial and I'd much rather use Photoshop instead of paying for a new program.

Thanks so much in advance,
Lily Evans


Hey guys, can I get some help please?

This is the first time I've ever used Windows Movie Maker and I'm trying to get the video smaller so I can put it on the picture, I've already got the picture and video the way I want them in the storyboard, but I can't figure out how to make the video smaller so I can put it on the picture. Help?
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Play that funky music white boy.

Law & Order: SVU ; Countdown.

313 caps of "Countdown"

So I'm an SVU fan; blame it on Christopher Meloni, 'kay? These were recorded from the TV, of course, because I don't think this particular season has been released on DVD yet (only one and five, the most confusing thing on earth).

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bleach: you can't break me

Movie: First Daughter

+ no hotlinking, credit please, and comment so I know how the dling's working :)
+ First Daughter caps. 231, because I wasn't paying that much attention. Pretty much everything's capped (I think), but I can grab some other stuff too. Caps mostly focus on Sam, but there's some of everyone else too :)

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  • nenyah

How to cap .avi files (with PowerDVD)?

I'm so sorry for posting here, but I didn't know exactly where else to put it in, so...

I have an .avi file. But when I press the capture button in Power DVD, the capture doesn't appear in my snapshot folder. So I'm wondering if .avi screencaps can't be done in Power DVD?

I don't have any other program to make screencaps, so I would be very happy if someone could tell me how to do it...

Thank you so much in advance!
mick live sit

(no subject)

I'm having trouble with my Power DVD 5. I'm not sure where I should ask this, so if you think my post is way off topic, then feel free to delete it.

It's not playing at all. It might play the first few seconds and then freeze. It went through this period when all it would play was my Motley Crue Greatest Hits DVD all the way through, and nothing else. I had the Incredibles in there too and watched halfway before it decided to freeze and go back to the menu.

Do I have it on some sort of lock, or is it just screwing up on me? Also, my computer is quite new, so I don't think it could be that. Please, help! Thank you.
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Deadwood Season 2 Screencaps, 2.23 & 2.24 plus, Pilot

Deadwood Season 2 Screencaps, the last two episodes of the season. I also include capped the pilot episode, Deadwood of season 1. To nicblue0707 I will be reuploading the caps to season 2 in my last post of Season2. I wasn't ignoring you, just been a bit busy. And it's a lot caps, and yousendit is a bit persnickty. Caps sized 664 X 372. These resize just well enough, I was able to make a blend/fanart with them. And I work with big blends, so...

Oh, and the caps in 2.24 at the end, are a bit out of order. I meant to cap the sequence, but it got ahead of me, so I went back and capped it again.

Rules: Credit to cassiee, or Cassandra E please. And no hotlinking, not that you can. If the links run out, let me know, and will reupload them. I won't promise it will be done in the second you ask, maybe later on in the week.

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The Whores Can Come- 2.23 :494 caps
Boy The Earth Talks to-2.24 :496 caps

Pilot: Deadwood 1.1 pt1 :406 caps in first zip
Pilot: Deadwood 1.1 pt2 :277 caps in second zip
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