June 21st, 2005

Battlestar Galactica 2003 1x04 - 1x06

I've just posted caps from episodes 1x04 - 1x06 of BSG 2003.  Sample caps and download information are here.

Also, a question: Recently, when I've tried to cap things in PowerDVD, the caps have come out oddly. Some of them are very overexposed and the colours are all skewed and others are almost fine, save for a one pixel pinstripe running horizontally across the cap, repeating about every 50 pixels. None of them are coming out as they should. I've tried half a dozen DVDs, including ones that I've successfully capped before, and they're all doing this. I've reinstalled PowerDVD, but have the same problem with the reinstallation. Does anyone have any idea what on earth I could've done to mess it up?
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TV -- Teen Titans -- Episode 403 - Birthmark

I have 321 caps from this particular episode of Teen Titans. All caps are 640x480 in size.

When capping this episode I focused mainly on the characters of Robin and Raven and the scenes of them together, as requested from many Robin/Raven shippers (including myself). There were a few caps that I caught right in between a scene change, I left those in simply because they looked cool.

Here at my graphics community.

If they links stop working, post a reply and I will fix the links right away unless it is a bandwidth problem(which shouldnt happen).

Octane/Pulse Caps (starring Mischa Barton and JRM)

First entry to the community...lol. Well I browsed the memories and found no one had caps of the gallery, so me being me. I decided to cap the movie. Granted its not the ENTIRE movie. My dvd rom wouldn't hold out lol. But i'll try and cap the rest of the movie. If anyone wants a specific scene capped that isn't here, let me know.
Zip Files and Samples under the cut. WARNING: Contains some sexual content and blood. 637 caps in total

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ER 2.07 - 2.13

 ER - 2.07 Hell and High Water [ZIP-File 44,4 MB, 1024x576 Pixel, 737 Caps]
 ER - 2.08 The Secret Sharer [ZIP-File 64,4 MB, 1024x576 Pixel, 981 Caps]
 ER - 2.09 Home [ZIP-File 58,9 MB, 1024x576 Pixel, 983 Caps]
 ER - 2.10 A Miracle Happens Here [ZIP-File 62,1 MB, 1024x576 Pixel, 994 Caps]
 ER - 2.11 Dead of Winter [ZIP-File 53,6 MB, 1024x576 Pixel, 837 Caps]
 ER - 2.12 True Lies [ZIP-File 53,4 MB, 1024x576 Pixel, 804 Caps]
 ER - 2.13 It's Not Easy Being Greene [ZIP-File 28,6 MB, 1024x576 Pixel, 578 Caps]

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My computer has PowerDVD5, but i am having some problems.
I have configured it so that the caps go to a folder... but they dont! I have tried using the C button while watching the movie, and also using the actual snapshot button.. but neither work! am i missing a step.. or does my computer just hate me?
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Flash - 64 caps of Everyone else has had more sex than me

Hi all! I have been a BIG fan of this community since I stumbled across it a week or so ago. This is my first time capping, so I decided to do something small for a test run. So... I've taken 64 caps of the flash animation Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me.

Below the cut are three samples and the link to the photobucket account. ^___^

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Oh, and since I had not seen this movie in the memories, I just wanted to make sure no one else was working on capping the movie, The Forgotten, before I started doing that this week.
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