June 23rd, 2005

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Screencaps - THE HUSTLER (1961)

I watched 'The Hustler' (1961) a few days ago and made about 476 screencaps from the film in total. I thought I would share some of them with the rest of the community because my motto is: "Squeeing is never fun alone."

Paul Newman-centric and all linked to my journal. Split into three parts because there are many pictures, two from film and one behind-the-scenes. Link to download all 476 caps from the first two entries is at the bottom of the second entry.

All screencaps 896x504 pixels, credit is not needed though it would be very much appreciated. I want to see your icons/other fanart if you ever use these caps. :D And don't hotlink.

: Part I - Screencaps

: Part II - Screencaps + .zip file download

: Part III - Behind-the-Scenes and promo pictures


ETA: If you're interested, here are some caps which are not sufficient to constitute a proper post of any sort.
1. 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' screencaps: CLICK!
2. 'Hud' screencaps + random picspam: CLICK!
3. 'Torn Curtain' screencaps + random picspam (of other old film stars like Ingrid Bergman, etc.): CLICK!
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Mr. And Mrs. Smith Caps - Part 1 of 2

Here's the first half of the caps for Mr. And Mrs. SMith. Like I said before, they aren't the best quality. They are still workable however. For example, the icon I'm using in this post was made from one of the caps.

Collapse )

As an added bonus for all you Mr. And Mrs. Smith lovers, visit this post for a nice little surprise!
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