June 26th, 2005


Fraggle Rock - Where it all begann (Beginning and Wembley and the Gorgs, 211+174 Caps)

requested by jade_starlight in capitrequests

Fraggle Rock
Where it all began
211 Caps

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11MBit.in Link - 10Mb

"Wembley and the Gorgs"
174 Caps

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11Mbit.in Link - ca. 9Mb

Comments are the best, credit is nice and showing me what you did with it rocks...

Sadly a lot of these are blurry... but what can you expect from all those wiggly Fraggles? ;)
The third episode on the CD might get capped on another insomnia night like this one...

Let me know if I have to reupload.

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French Kiss - Chapter 13 "Love Lessons" (156 Caps)

as requested by morpha in capitrequests

French Kiss
Chapter 13
"Love Lessons"
156 Caps

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FileFront Link - 7Mb

Credit is nice, Comments are the best and I love to see what you did with it.
Let me know when it expires.

It´s getting pretty bright outside and I am still not tired enough to sleep *sighs*
Oh and I so adore Meg Ryan in this movie <3

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Firefly DVD screencaps - Episode 01 - Serenity, scenes 01 to 10

This caps are from the first episode Serenity - Part 1 & 2, there are 20 scenes in the DVD and I'm uploading the caps from scenes 1 to 10 (the rest will be up soon). Those are 1024x576 because the format is Widescreen.

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To make this dial-up friendly, the caps are divided by scenes.

01. Last Stand
02. Vultures
03. Main Titles
04. Grew Plus One
05. Den of Thieves
06. A Boatful of Citizens
07. Public Relations
08. Companionable
09. Male on Board
10. Worth Killing For

If downloading, comment is a must. Credit is always appreciated.

ETA: Second part can be found here.

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PowerDVD -- Configure it to capture in .jpg?

Hey everyone -- so this isn't in the memories, so I hope someone can help.

I used to have WinDVD until I switched computers and forgot to copy it over. Everyone seems so "yay" about PowerDVD, but so far I hate it.

It absolutely refuses to keep the screen aspect ratio the normal size and instead does the weird stretchy thing and makes my caps look hideous. WinDVD never had this problem, but there has to be some way to fix it, I'm sure. I have "keep aspect ratio" checked off in the configuration everywhere I can find it and it's still off.

Secondly, is there a way I can set it to capture as a .jpg? .bmp is way too huge and converting the thousands of caps I take per movie is way too time intensive. Again, WinDVD had this option right on the main menu and it worked great. I tried to go in and change the extension that it saved as in the saved path, and it didn't work - photoshop said something about the image had an unknown or invalid JPEG marker.

Can someone help me? Otherwise I'm afraid I'm going to have to go back to my lovely wonderful WinDVD. And I even paid for PowerDVD. *kicks self*

The Inside 1x03 - Pre-Filer

So, I started capping the last episode from the new TV show "The Inside" a few days ago cause I needed pics for icons and some artwork. I thought I share those caps again with you since so many were d/l my caps from the first episode. Thank you so much for all your kind words!!

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There are 485 caps in total with the seize of 624x352.

If you like them, you can find the .ZIP file and everything else at my graphic journal. Follow me please...

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National Treasure - Full Movie (1482 Caps)

National Treasure
Full Movie
1482 Caps in 3 Files

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Download NationalTreasure_1-500.zip from FileFront! ca. 23 Mb

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Download NationalTreasure_501-1000a.zip from FileFront! 24 Mb

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Download NationalTreasure_1001-148a.zip from FileFront! 22 Mb

Credit is nice, comments are the best and I hope someone shares a bunch of NT Icons ;)
I also added some shots of the endcredits to be used as Textures.

Let me know when I have to reupload

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Dvd List (Cartoons/Anime)

Since I do own a couple of Dvd´s that are not so common, I thought I´d share the small list of cartoons/anime with you.
Any requests?
I will get around to capping some of them anyways,but if there´s anything you really want, let me know.

  • Knights of the Zodiac - Volume 3 - Out of the Arena

  • Care Bears - Dreamland
  • done
  • Care Bears - Magical Adventure

  • Care Bears - Festical of Fun

  • Danger Mouse saves the World... Again!

  • Savior of the Earth

  • Raumpatroille (Space of the three Musceteers)

  • Cyborg 009 (2 movies)

  • Dungeons & Dragons - Volume 1

  • Saber Rider - Volume 1 and 2 (Episodes 1-8)
  • partly done here
  • Rainbow Brite - Volume 1 and 2 (Episodes 1-7)
  • partly done here
  • Red Wall - Volume 1,2,3 and 4 (Episodes 1-12)
  • partly done here, here, here and here
  • Ulysses 31 (Complete Series)
  • partly done here and here
  • Pelle Ohne Schwanz

  • Asterix und Kleopatra
  • done

Note: I do work and normally don´t pull all nighters so give me some time to get it done.
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Firefly DVD screencaps - Episode 01, scenes from 11 to the end

Second part of the Firefly caps. The episode is Serenity - Part 1 & 2, caps are 1024x576 because the format is Widescreen. The scenes are from 11 to 19, scene 20 is the credits and I don't think those are useful ;).

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Again, the caps are by scene to make the downloading easier for those on dial-up, some scenes were too big, the caps are divided in two parts for those.

11. A World of Trouble
12. Bribery
13. Campfire Stories
14. Mean Old Man
15. Last in the Woods
16. Government Goods
17a. Impatience part 1, 17b. Impatience part 2
18a. Return of the Reavers part 1, 18b. Return of the Reavers part 2
19. Still Flying

Comment if you download. Credit is always appreciated.

Previous post with the first 10 scenes can be found here.

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DVD List

Hullo, everyone. I'm not exactly new to the community, but I just got PowerDVD and I'm ready and willing to begin making caps. So look at the list below and then request any movie and/or scene you would like me to cap for you. I'll try to answer your request as fast as I can.

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