June 27th, 2005


Care Bears - Dreamland - 3 Episodes and Intro (43+178+157+116 Caps)

As requested in this post with my Dvd List of Cartoons/Anime:

Care Bears - Dreamland
Episodes: Magic Mirror, Daydreams and Mayor for a Day

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FileFront Link - 2Mb

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FileFront Link - 8 Mb

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FileFront Link - 8 Mb

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FileFront Link - 6 Mb

Comment if taking or not, credit is nice and show me what you do with them ;)

Let me know if I have to reupload.

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Hilary Duff: Come Clean, music video

I made these caps for a friend of mine, and figured I'd post them when I saw it wasn't in the memories. It's Hilary Duff's music video "Come Clean."

All caps are 640x480.

Collapse ) ETA on 11.24.05: I uploaded these to a gallery at my site if that's easier for you guys. It can be found here, but I'm more than happy to re-upload if any of you would rather have a zip.
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