June 28th, 2005


Land of the Dead (Trailer)

  • Please Do Not Hotlink.
  • Credit & Comment if using.
  • Samples & Downloads behing fake cut.
  • SPOILERS- yes it is the trailer, but believe me you see so much more on a cap! I have seen the movie and it does give away a few major moments.
  • GORE- not sure how much gore because its the trailer but Its a zombie movie, nuff said.

65 Caps From Land of the Dead.

Zombies, Man... )

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Teen Wolf - (502) Malia driving

Dawn of the Dead (2004 Remake) Full Movie Screencaps

542 caps of the whole Dawn of the Dead 2004 remake.

* Caps are 960x540, widescreen.
* Separated into two zips, Megauploaded and supposedly good forever as long as they're dled once every thirty days. If they DO run out, comment and I'll re-upload.
* Comment and CREDIT if taking/using.

Warning: The caps are very graphic and gory, dl at your own discretion.

Available here with samples and two zips.
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Misc: Cowboy Boots

Scrubs 1x01 caps

I have 200+ large caps from the DVD up at my journal.

Right Here!

This is my first time using PowerDVD, so if you see anything I should change, let me know. :) Thanks to everyone's suggestions on how to configure it and make it work! The grainyness of the caps is how the show was filmed - this is capped straight from the DVD! :)
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Gargoyles - The Awakening (parts 1-5)

I've finally finished capping the first five episodes of the Gargoyles TV series!

Part 1 426 caps
Part 2 361 caps, 11 Mb
Part 3 267 caps, 8.2 Mb
Part 4 244 caps, 8.8 Mb
Part 5 432 caps, 14 Mb

All caps are untouched, 720x540, .jpg. Part 1 is uploaded on my school server, so it will be around for awhile. Parts 2-5 are on Megaupload and are available so long as they're downloaded once every 30 days. Let me know if there are any problems (links expire, etc) and I'll be happy to upload.

Comments and credit are nice, but not required, and I'd absolutely love to see anything you did with these caps.

(Samples at my icon journal)

EDIT: There's been reports that Part 2 had some weird corruptions in the .zip file (I certainly don't know what went wrong), so it's been re-uploaded to megaupload. If you downloaded part two earlier, you may want to get the new copy.