June 29th, 2005

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Black Cadillac

256 caps of Jason Dohring in the movie Black Cadillac.

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Comment and credit are nice, and as always with my caps, if you've stumbled across these and the .zip file is down from my domain - just comment for them to be uploaded again, and chances are I'll still have them to share. :)
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Capping Question

I checked the memories and I couldn't find anything on this.

I just downloaded BS Player so I could watch .avi files, and I read that it can also be used for capping. I was going to try my hand at it so I could give something back to the community, but I have no idea where to start. Any help or tutorials available?
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PowerDVD Question

hola, im new so forgive me if this was already answered.

i was wondering where you can get power dvd. i am opening up a fan site and need screen caps for the gallery, so i desperately need a capping program. any ideas?

EDIT: are screen captures available for use on this site? like for web site galleries? how do you credit if so?
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Firefly DVD screencaps - Episode 02 - The Train Job

Okay, one minor thing with this set. While capping I saved them as Firefly_E01.... instead of Firefly_E02, I noticed this while I was converting the files from bmp to jpg. These are more than 550 caps so I decided not to change the name of the files. I apologize in advance if this causes any inconvenience to you.

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As usual, the caps are divided by scene to make them dial-up friendly.

01. U Day
03. Nightmare
04. Job Offer
05. The Train
06. The Merchandise
07. Confab
08. Interrogation
09. Rescue Plan
10. Good Samaritans
11. No Thanks

The caps are 1024x576 and the format is Widescreen. Please, if you download all I ask is that you comment to this post, credit is nice and makes me feel loved but is not necessary.

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