July 2nd, 2005


I'm not sure how many people here have seen Amber Benson's independent film, Chance which stars Amber, James Marsters and Andy Hallett (credited as Andrew!)

Anyway, I've put an obsessive amount of James and Andy-centric screencaps from the movie over on my Flickr account which are up for grabs! If they're used for icons/graphics then please credit yours truly.

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No Doubt- Oi To The World

Here's some caps from No Doubt's video for "Oi To The World" it was capped from my no doubt dvd.

Rules of use
1) Credit (link back to shattered-bliss.org/caps if used on a site)
2) Don't direct link to any of the caps
3) Comment (it would be nice to know who's using my caps)

link and a sample behind cut tag

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