July 7th, 2005

K. Bell in shade by mykindofcrack

Music Video - Slipknot - Vermillion

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Sorry about the quality of some of the caps, this video is especially hard to cap as there is so much movement constantly which led to a blurry kind of effect. If you have seen the video then you'll know what I mean. Also, in most of them, there is a couple of labels at the top, which hopefully won't interfere with the cap itself. If you have specific requests for a certain part, just let me know.

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Game - Final Fantasy X2 - Perfect Ending

I bring you Part One: The First Minute, of a four part set. These are screencaps of the "Perfect Ending" in Final Fantasy X-2. Unlike the preview, the caps have not been digitally fixed to enhance colors and the sizes are dramatically different. One or more caps were taken per second, with a grand total of 66 caps. BEWARE, HIGH QUALITY! They are 640x480px. in size!

( Preview + Download Links )

Should I warn you about spoilers? ok. Spoilers.
Teen Wolf - (502) Malia driving

Powerdvd 5 Problem

I have Powerdvd 5 and have few problems with it when capping regular dvds or downloaded tv programmes that are roughly 350MB. However, I've found that with larger downloaded files (ie- the movie I downloaded came in two parts- the first part was 699MB, the second was 701MB) when I try to cap them I can't get the shots I want. I'll press the cap button but the frame speeds up by a few seconds (I don't know how many exactly) and that's the cap I get instead of the one a few frames before. The audio stays at the normal speed until it catches up with the picture, and then it resumes as normal. This obviously is inconvenient and doesn't provide for a smooth capping experience.

I browsed the memories to the best of my ability but didn't see this particular problem. I've tried my hardware acceleration on full and none, have shut down the largest of my programmes I have running with Powerdvd (although I have a big enough HD that it shouldn't matter) and looked in help with Powerdvd for any clues. Either I'm totally missing it or there's just nothing there.

I'm sorry if this wasn't clear, it's a little hard to explain. If anyone has any experience with this problem I'd really appreciate any assistance.

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Best of Trading Spaces DVD

To make amends for my request post, here's some DVD caps of the Best of Trading Spaces disc. Most are from the Bloopers and Cast Profiles sections. Samples and link under the cut.
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Games - Final Fantasy X2 - Perfect Ending

Here's Part Two: A Lover's Tryst, of the four part set for "The Perfect Ending" of Final Fantasy X-2. Caps have not been altered in anyway, shape or form. (Preview image has caps that are 1/3 the original size and have been enhanced to make them look pretty, =D). Only 59 caps this time. (Almost one cap per second.) Sizes are the same as well. See cut for further details.

( Download Links )

Spoilers for those of you that have not finished the game and watched this mini-video.