July 9th, 2005

The Inside 1x02 Old Wounds

Here it is. Finally found the time to cap The Inside 1x02 "Old Wounds" and I really enjoyed watching it again. *heheee* I went a little cap crazy cause there were just so many great Paul/Rebecca scenes. <333

I will cap 1x05 and 1x06 this weekend, I guess. Still need to watch 1x06 though, so be patient with me, k? :)

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There are 537 caps in total with the seize of 624x352.
If you like them you can found the .ZIP packet at my graphic journal. Follow me please....
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Win a date with Tad Hamilton

86 caps of Win a date with Tad Hamilton can be found here

Password: inwecaps

A lot are of Ginnifer Goodwin, since she was the reason I capped it, but I tried to cover all the characters. And yes, that includes a few of Josh Duhamel without his shirt on. ;o)
I apologise if any of them seem to be out of order. I capped them out of order and got all confused when uploading them.

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x Comment if you take any of these.
x Please credit inweofandram if you use them.
x Upload them to your own photobucket account or something similar. No hotlinking!
x Tell me if you have trouble getting the caps, or if you see anything else that's wrong.
x Enjoy! :o)
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Request Filled: The Hole

I've uploaded 733 caps for The Hole (in a zip file)

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And as a side note, there are also caps from 28 Days and The Last Unicorn, as well as caps from the Guns N' Roses music vids, Don't Cry and November Rain at the same site. Link.

Credit is nice, but not necessary if you're making icons, lj layouts, basic personal use, etc.

Credit is absolutely necessary if you're going to be putting them on a website.

ETA (June 2006): Caps have been moved to their final home, since I'm sick of Lycos shutting down my site and making my caps inaccessable to the community.
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