July 10th, 2005

Lenore and Mr. Bear Bear

Hackers (1995)

I know this film has been capped already but I just capped it for my site and figured I'd share anyway. I kept a lot of the visual graphics for people to make light effects and such. Also if there is an image you want that I haven't posted just ask, I probably have it or can cap it for you.

There's 1,683 captures 960x536 in size and untouched by any photo editing software. The files are uploaded to my website Celluloid Fancy HERE.

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i have a quick capping question - when i cap movies (using power dvd), the picture turns out looking a bit pixelated, Collapse )

is there any way to somehow sharpen the image quality or something to get rid of that? thanks for any help.
karl&creativity... (( UW ))

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle - Episode 14

This episode. Wow. Most of the time, Kurogane looked really...odd. Fai looked alright. The faces on characters looked a bit too wide most of the time. 3 sample caps this time because I wanted you all to see how ODD Kurogane looked at this beginning part of the episode. I love the 2nd sample though...*loves Kurogane & Fai* ♥
The one thing that makes me annoyed of the anime is...THE EARSSS. They are so huge! >___>
//342 screencaps//704x396

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Request filled: Bewitched Movie (selected caps)

A small selection of caps from the Bewitched movie. These particular caps were requested by memyselfandi87 (link).

Bewitched Movie
56 Caps
These caps are untouched.
The frame by frame cat caps came out 480x576 though. Should still look good when resized to fit for an icon.

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+ Comment if you take any.
+ Credit is always nice. Credit to thexchosenxone or sparkleofastar
+ Enjoy!

Password: bewitched

Request filled: Clerks

71 caps of Clerks can be found here

Password: inwecaps

The requests were made by _imsorry and iconstruct

I bought my Clerks dvd in Holland, so unfortunately it has Dutch subtitles that I can't remove. So some of the caps have subtitles on them, but I tried to get a lot of caps where there weren't any. Hopefully someone can make something out of these anyway!

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x Comment if you take any of these.
x Please credit inweofandram if you use them.
x Upload them to your own photobucket account or something similar. No hotlinking!
x Tell me if you have trouble getting the caps, or if you see anything else that's wrong.
x Enjoy! :o)