July 12th, 2005

ESOTSM - Couch


Caps from the movie Meantime which was the screen debut of both Tim Roth and Gary Oldman. So pretty much the caps are of them and a few of Alfred Molina.

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Please comment if downloading (and indicate which link you are downloading from) and credit if you use them for icons, graphics, etc. Enjoy!
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The Bewitched Movie - Entire Film (1314 Caps)

A few people requested the full movie and caps of Uncle Arthur so I decided to cap the entire movie. The copy I have was kind of washed out as if there was too much light when they taped it but it should still be useful. Enjoy!

The Bewitched Movie
1314 Caps
These caps are untouched.
Gallery is up and zips (below) are also available.
Zips are currently unavailable. Megaupload is a royal pain. However, all 1314 caps are still in the gallery.

+ Comments are nice and appreciated.
+ Credit is nicer. Credit to thexchosenxone or sparkleofastar

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Corpse Bride "Theatrical Trailer"

Just finished capping the "theatrical trailer" for Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.  I saw it last night when I went to see Fantasic Four, and just HAD to find it on-line and cap it.  There is a total of 138 caps.  I was somewhat picky, sorry about that, but it's because I had to upload them to photobucket...all caps are around 470 by 275 pixels.  Enjoy!

Samples and link under cut.

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