July 13th, 2005

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Batch Resize?

I looked through the memories and couldn't find an answer to this question.

Is there anyway to do a batch resize in either PSP or some downloadable freeware? Like if I took a bunch of caps and I wanted to have them in both a large size (800x600 or something) and a small size (400x300 or something), is there a way to resize all of the caps in one fell swoop? Like the batch filename conversion, but with resizing.

Thanks in advance to anybody who can help me. :)

EDIT: Problem solved! Thanks for the suggestions!
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LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring

Here are 2,399 caps for the entire movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. They are all 640x480.

The caps are in 4 seperate .zip files. If for some reason the links no longer work please let me know so that I can upload them again somewhere. They are hosted at a place that I have never used before.

Please credit me if you use them. Thanks. =D

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CAPS: The Inside 1x06 Thief Of Hearts

I finally did it. Yay me! Here are the caps from The Inside "1x06 Thief Of Hearts". I am sorry that it took me so long. *sigh* But as I mentioned before I didn't like the ep that much. :/
Plus, I had a pretty crappy version of this episode so some caps may look just bad... I am sorry about that. Nevertheless I really hope you find them at least a little useful. ;)

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There are 431 caps in total with the seize of 624x352.
D/L and instructions can be found at my graphic journal. Follow me please...
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Anime: case closed/detective conan

Anyone interested in caps from the anime case closed/detective conan which ever you call it.

I have the following eps on dvd
Movie Mayhem
The Three Fingerprints
The Crab And Whale
Weapon Of Choice
The Mist Goblin Murders (Both Parts)

Those are the only ones I have access to and I don't want to cap them if no one wants them
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The Memories are Down! OMG!

Dear Newbies,


If you are new to LJ, you'll have to understand that sometimes features do not work. That is the nature of the internet. Things go down sometimes. The people who read this community have no idea why they're not working, and they don't know how to fix them, either.

All of us use this community, & all of us have to deal with the fact that the memories feature is currently running intermittently. You will simply have to go through the calendar like everyone else, manually, and try to find what you need. If you can't find what you need, I suggest searching google.com.

Making a post that says: I just joined and the memories section doesn't work! I can't find the caps I need! What's going on? OMG!!!11!! is annoying, ridiculous, & takes up unnecessary space on all of our friends pages.

Please stop.


PS: No, I am not a community maintainer or moderator. I am just someone who is sick of seeing the same ridiculous question asked to the wrong people, time & time again. If you have complaints about how LiveJournal is run, then please take them to the LJ Programmers. NOT to the community members.

PPS: Sorry if this post is considered "bitchy." Please do not take offense, as I'm kind of in a crappy mood... but I am also tired of seeing the same thing over & over again!
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