July 18th, 2005

ESOTSM - Couch

American Perfekt

182 caps from the movie American Perfekt with Fairuza Balk, David Thewlis, Amanda Plummer, Robert Forster, Chris Sarandon, and Paul Sorvino. The caps are mostly Fairuza and David centric but there are a few caps of other folks as well.

Warnings: Caps contain blood and violence. But sample caps are all safe.

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Please comment when downloading and credit if you use them for icons, graphics, etc. Enjoy!
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InterActual Player

I was wondering how to cap using InterActual Player (if there isnt a certain button, then how can I paste a print screen photo without it only showing when the video is playing?)  I was also wondering if you can save the video that you have opened on IAP.

Also, my sound isn't working on my Attack of the Clones video in IAP, I've tried the mute button and fixed my volume on the entire computer, but still nothing. Any suggestions?

Is there any other free programs I can use to cap? How can I transfer my movie to Windows Movie Maker, and can I use DVD X Copy Xpress? If so, how do I get my movie there?

Alot of questions, yes.
Thank you in advanced.

Virtual Dub

Im using Virtual Dub to cut a part of my entire video out. But I havent saved my movie file and am unaware how to. I put in Attack Of the Clones, and wanted to know how I can save it (the entire movie) somewhere so I can use it in Virtual Dub.

Thanks in advanced.