July 19th, 2005

Last question..promise!

Very sorry, Im back. Thanks to everyone so far =D
I decrypted my movie with DVD Decrypter, and now I have scenes saved.
Now I want to use the clips in Windows Movie Maker or Virtual Dub, but they are Power DVD files, any suggestions on how I can now acctually USE or SEE the videos?

Inuyasha - Movie 1

I have over 1400 caps from the first Inuyasha movie Toki wo Koeru Omoi (Affections Touching Across Time). They're all 792x457. Feel free to use them as you wish, credit is always appreciated, though never required. I'm working on the second film currently and hope to have those caps up within the next week or so, but no guarantees.

1491 caps can be found here. Thanks and enjoy!