July 20th, 2005


Serenity Trailer 2: Caps

165 Caps from the new Serenity Trailer. Images are 352x160px (sorry, default size of the vid). Do not hotlink. Credit is greatly appreciated but not mandatory. Sorry for double post, didn't see the other one (as I am obviously blind), but umm Gallery!
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Do not hotlink anything from the gallery or the gallery will be removed.

Zips are around 4MB each.
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Crimson Stigmata Opening & trailer

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Info: Crimson Stigmata is the third installment of the Magna Carta(video game)series, the first of which (Magna Carta) is rumored to have been licensed.

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Info: Untranslated trailer introducing characters in gameplay.
credit mizugazipan in your userinfo as a resource if used

If you enjoy making Magna Carta/War of Genesis/Crimson Stigmata icons, check out htk_awards, an icontest dedicated to the work of Hyung Tae Kim.
Extreme Makeover - joelzbutterfly

Help capturing Flash animation movies.

I was very, very curious as to what is the best way to screen cap Flash animation movies.. Someone had told me when you right click and view source, there is a code that you can copy and open the file from a media player. Is this the right way to go about it? I had "Shii's Song" saved onto my computer a while back but the music stopped when I hit pause but the animation didn't. Any help is VERY VERY appreciated!!
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