July 27th, 2005

B/J Embrace


Sorry if it's not okay to post this here, but I have a problem. I've download the BSPlayer twice...once was a few months ago and another was recently. It plays my files fine but everytime I press shift+p or just p, it freezes up my whole computer for about 10 minutes and I have to struggle to get everything working again. Can any suggest anything?
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The Prince and Me (Der Prinz&Ich) - Full Movie (876 Caps)

The Prince and Me (Der Prinz&Ich)
Full Movie
876 Caps

Disclaimer: As any other set of Caps, this might spoil the movie for you, if you haven´t seen it before.

Collapse )

FileFront Link - 31Mb

Collapse )

FileFront Link - 29Mb

Comments are great, Credit is nice and show me what you do with them.

This Dvd was not cooperating. I had to rip it before I capped it, and then I still got bunches of blurries, choppy watching and 5 min of it just wouldn´t cap. Oh well ;)

Let me know when the links expire.

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