August 2nd, 2005

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Caps Part 2

Part 2 of 3 Sets

please note this is an pirate copy and is not the best in the world I've tried to get the best quailty I could but at times I've had to make them a lot smaller than normal.

From setting foot in the factory to violet turning violet.
Right click and save as zip Part 1 here Part 2 here Part 3 here

I'm in the middle of uploading them to an ablum and that way take an few days to do here

Please credit me if you use these caps for anything.

Credit me under the name hobbitfanatic.Please credit me in your user info.
Would also be great if you could link my site Depped in Chocolate

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Please comment here to request more caps from this part of the film or audio clips.

If caps are no longer working please comment and I will reload.

Audio clips
Right click and save as audio clip Aren't they Charming
Chewing Gum
No one would buy it
They do seem to be very reheasered
flying free

Moonlighting-- random caps

77 screencaps from Moonlighting, seasons 1 & 2. All David and Maddie, mostly close-ups, from miscellaneous episodes... a good portion in b&w from "The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice." Now that I've fixed my file size issues, I'm going to cap all the episodes, but awakencordy was so persuasive, I'm offering these up now since I have them.

Comment if you take, credit is appreciated, and by all means... let me see what you do with these. :)

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.mahou sensei negima episodes 1-4

This is my first time actually taking the time to screencap, and not just use what I needed for icons. I'm not sure how many people have heard/seen this particular series -is more a fan of the manga herself- however it's a very cute anime ^_^

[x] 004 episodes
[x] 983 screencaps
[x] 640x480 .jpg format
[x] Comment, Credit me at kiyomizu_caps, Enjoy ^_^

(Samples & Downloads)
Twilight prom

PowerDVD and .avi files

I got a (LEGAL I SWEAR IT'S LEGAL) copy of powerDVD and have been capping a bunch of DVDs lately. But when I went to play some of my video FILES they wouldn't work. I can hear the audio, but I just see the powerDVD background.

When I play .mpgs, it's fine. But the .avi files don't show up. They all look fine on VLC media player so I know the files are okay... Can anyone help me?