August 9th, 2005

DVD List

Hey I'm new here and don' t know whatt to cap. (I've actually capped several other things before, but on a different account) So I put up my *small* DVD list. I'm sorry this is not bigger, but I'm only capping the movies that are mine, and not my familie's. I know, makes no sense. But anyway, on to the DVD list! *Also, I only do WHOLE movies or whole episodes*

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Hi I have a Dell & I capped a picture yesterday using PrintScreen & PowerDVD. It came with my computer I think but I don't know which version I have.

Yeah, so yesterday the cap worked but then I made the movie screen bigger by dragging the sides and now I can't cap anything. I pressed printscreen & pasted it into Photoshop & the movie was playing right in Photoshop. I checked the memories but I still can't find anything that helps.

I turned off hardware acceleration or whatever. I tried C and printscreen and alt printscreen and p and alt p and ctrl p and every combination thereof. Please help me, I'd love to cap movies for you all.

edit: Okay, now the screen is squished. I didn't even do anything to it. I just un-minimized it. Grrr.

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Andromeda - 1.01 - Under the Night (917 caps)

1.01 - Under the Night
917 caps

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YouSendIt Link - 44Mb

Comments are nice, Credit is great and show me what you do with them!

Ok, so I didn´t went cap-happy, I went cap-crazy with this episode ;)
A lot of samples for it too. I always try to give a lot of good samples so people who need just one or two pics don´t have to download all caps.
Bear with me ;)

Let me know if I have to reupload

A List of all my Screencap Posts

Request Filled: The Day After Tomorrow

krzy_dork requested caps from 'The Day After Tomorrow'. So here are 448 quality caps from the movie starring Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhall (or however you spell it)

There are two zip files, one 7MB and the other 4MB. They are hosted on my website so don't worry about them expiring. But they will go done eventually, I have to pay for that space. ^^ Download while you can!

day after tomorrow // //

Please comment and credit if you take these! I spent a lot of time getting these because my computer froze at least 6 times while capping, so credit is a must!