August 14th, 2005

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Gone With The Wind four-disk edition DVD captures


[EDIT: works now :)]

I spent 8+ hours on this, so I hope the zip file links work.
The four disk dvd for "Gone With The Wind" has two extra disks one about the movie (making of it) and about the cast.
Captures of "about the cast" DVD will be added sometime between sunday and monday.

I also managed to take captures of the DVD menus.
Most of the captures are really big, not full screen but on the mac dvd they are "Max. size".

Please note: Unfortunatly, My programme for taking the DVD captures, for some reason will sometimes crop the image without my knowledge after I capture from the screen.} okay sorry for rambiling!

if the zip file links don't work PLEASE tell me!

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harry potter scene it! caps

well i bought the harry potter version of scene it. it's a great game. and i put it in my computer and capped some of the newer images from GOF!! believe it or not but there are some new images that we haven't seen before!! they are a bit hard to see.. an example of mr. weasley is under the cut.. but they'll still be good for icons i think.

anyway, they go to my hp screen cap gallery, which requires registration to download the images. i'm kinda paranoid about who has my screencaps, so you'll have to register if you haven't already. and they're spoilers to those who haven't played this game already. though not too many because a lot of the questions are incredibly easy.

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away to the images we go!

Andromeda - Season 1 - Dvd 1 - Extras (236 Caps)

Season 1 - Dvd 1 - Extras
236 Caps

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YouSendIt Link - 13Mb

Zip Contains Caps of:
- Character Profile Dylan Hunt (including Interview)
- Alternate Takes
- Image Gallery - Creation of the Andromeda
- Glossary of the High Guard A-D
- All Systems University 101 - Fighting Ships of the High Guard
- TvPromos + Teasers

Credit, comment and so on ;)

Let me know if I have to reupload.

A List of all my Screencap Posts


231 caps from the 80s version of Red Dragon starring William Petersen.

I liked the Ed Norton version better but Petersen is sexy as all hell in this version. And he smokes. A lot. I have a fetish for sexy smokers.

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Please comment and credit if you take any. Thanks.