August 16th, 2005

true blood intro

SHREK 3D Adventure

It's been raining all day and I was yet again, bored to death. So I decided to cap the Shrek 3D adventure. Without the 3D turned on of course. Pretty clear images, some caps are a tad too blurry though.

Comment & Credit where credit is due please! :)

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Alas, no screencaps, but a question for anyone who uses Virtual Dub to cap..

Is there a way to NOT get over 8000+ caps when screencapping?
I mean seriously. A 5 minute music video should NOT get that
many caps. And I won't even TELL you how many I got when I
capped a movie. That was a nightmare...

Found out how to do it. Select the start and end of what you want captured, then go to video››select range and under 'frames' change the number under 'length' to however many caps you want.

I so rock. XD
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