August 18th, 2005

the hatter

Voices of a Distant Star

Here are caps from the super amazing anime that one man animated on his home computer: Voices of a Distant Star. I didn't do any of the cell phone screens with the subtitle/translation on top, but will if someone needs to see them. There are spoilers. Plus a couple of the shots are kind of bloody.

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29 Harry Potter CoS Caps

Hey, this is my first caps post. I have made 29 random screencaps from Chamber of Secrets (from the very beginning only) in order to use them to make icons for a challenge. There are mostly random items, sights, etc. on them but maybe someone else can use it as well. I made the caps with media player classic following the tutorial i found in the faqs :o). Well its my very first try and advice for improving the caps are always welcome.

to the caps

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