August 20th, 2005


Law & Order: SVU

Here is a link to my svu_caps photobucket account. It's password protected due to some bandwidth theft and certain sections of the fandom refusing to credit for these caps/bases! *Grrrr* If you like what you see below the cut and would like to see more, I've included my email address for password requests (also below the cut). Sorry, but it has to be this way - at least for now.

Caps are mostly Benson/Cabot oriented but there's the odd Stabler, Munch, Fin and Warner treasures thrown in for good measure. :) Caps were made from digital TV --> DVD recordings using Roxio DVDMax Player and are all 768 x 576 pixels, resolution = 72 pixels/inch.

Crediting either aleatory_icons or aleatory_6 is essential and comments make the hours spent frame-by-framing through 40 minute eps worth it (though they are not necessary)! I hope somebody out there can use them to make some pretty, pretty icons!

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