August 22nd, 2005

Mindy Clarke - CSI Ep3x15-Lady Heather's Box

Here are 115 ScreenCaps of Mindy Clarke from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ep4x15 (Lady Heather's Box). All caps are in .JPEG format and are 720x456. Behind the cut are a few sample caps as well as the link to the rest of them. Please comment if you take any ... no credit necessary.

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FYI I keep all my original(.BMP format) caps on my computer for 10 days after I take them. If you'd like any (or all) of these in .BMP format, let me know and I'll get them to you. :) Enjoy!

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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

I'm back, thanks to all that responded to my last posting of caps. I have 145 caps from Terminator 3 under the cut (ok, there's a link)

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-Same as always/before if you take, please credit either leathers or iconagogue, kindly don't hotlink and have a great time with them.
-If you're looking for something you don't see, feel free to message me and ask, I have no problem with requests.
stock - dublin sky was changing you

Hp : GoF International HQ Trailer Caps.

Finally. Finally. Finally.
The music was awesome, and hey, I even saw Draco! *happy dance*
He and Pansy were dancing next to Hermione and Krum. nehee :D *fangirls her shippy heart*
Anyways, the caps. I capped 2 times, and combined the best ones. I even could capped the great hall second :P

And yes, for the ones who didn't see this one, you can download the trailer here.

Here we go :

Sample Caps + Zip File.. )

Wonderfalls: 1x9 "Safety Canary"

[Quick note: I've been on a capping frenzy the past few days since I purchased another domain and space so apologies for flooding any flists. But this community is about caps, so I got 'em!]

453 (852x480) caps of Wonderfalls episode 1x9 "Safety Canary"

comments and credit appreciated.

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[OUAT] Hook

House 01x01 Pilot

High Deffinition (1440x810) House 01x01 Pilot screen captures

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- Please comment if you take so I know how many people are taking.
- Please credit if you use the screen captures.
- Feel free to friend me if you would like to keep track of my caps, no need to ask.
- Older captures are found in my memories.
- If your taking more than 1 batch of captures please leave one comment saying which batches you are taking rather than spam my inbox.
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