August 24th, 2005

music/bowie - hitting an all time low

Music Caps

Below is a list of a number of ... more "alternative" music video caps I have made for myself ... I was wondering if anyone might be interested in them? Leave a comment here and I'll post them if there is enough interest. They are mostly female fronted rock/metal bands, but a couple of others as well

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    Day Two : Isolation ~ Ayreon
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Friends: Ross&Rachel in "TOW where Ross and Rachel... you know"

I made captures off the Friends episode "TOW where Ross And Rachel... you know". I started making these captures as a request, but ended up making a few more captures. 177 in total. All of them are Ross and Rachel, though there are a few with some of the other Friends featured on the cap as well.

a pop up link to my graphics journal, where you can find the zips and samples.