September 5th, 2005


CRASH - Matt Dillon - 2004 - 951caps

dvd-rip screencaps of the 2004 movie 'crash' starring matt dillon, sandra bullock, brendan fraser and terrence howard. 6 zip files with a total of 951 caps. please use winzip or winrar to open the archives and credit stupid_thing or commasplz if you use.

Comment.. lemme know if you use 'em. Gives me reason to make more caps of other movies XD

If you would like more caps of a specific scene, do let me know. I have also taken the time to cap parts with only matt dillon in them(since he's my celeb crush)so if anyone would like those, comment and ill zip 'em for you.

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Full Movie - Kate & Leopold

Kate & Leopold
1861 caps | .jpg | 720x488 (examples resized to 640x426)

"Kate & Leopold" is the first of 6 Meg Ryan movies I will be capping. Everyone wanted caps from every movie I listed except for "Innerspace". No love for Martin Short I guess. :D Some of the caps may be blurry do to quick movement in a scene. I apologize for that. It was too much trouble to go through every cap and pick them out.

I have to laugh at the fact that Meg Ryan's character in this movie commits incest. How the studios didn't catch that one is beyond me.

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Credit if you'd like...or don't.
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DVD list

(Ooh, first post to big community.)

If anyone would like me to cap some of these movies, feel free to ask.

Red Dragon (1986)
Red Dragon (2002)
The Silence of the Lambs
Liar Liar
Austin Powers in Goldmember

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