September 6th, 2005

NaNoWriMo- Frank- Mayfair smoking

Mac user

I'm on a mac iBook and I'm trying to cap some of my favourite movies but when I use my iDVD program it won't actually let me do the usual command+shift+4 for print screen or anything like that. Does any one know how I can do caps for my movies on a mac?
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Full Movie - French Kiss

French Kiss
652 caps | .jpg | 720x480 (examples resized to 640x426)
17.32MB | Download

These caps didn't come out as crisp as others have. I think it may be because of this particular DVD. The whole movie had this small light blue line on the far left side of the screen. Hopefully they aren't too bad for everyone. :/ Also a hand full of caps have subtitles on them due to certain scenes where the characters spoke French.

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Credit if you like...or don't.
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Rome 1x01 - The Stolen Eagle

266 caps | .jpg | 1008x557 (examples resized to 600x332)
52 MB | Download

Love the show but don't want a bunch of screencaps of crusty old senators? NO PROBLEM! I went through the first episode with a fine-toothed comb and took only the best and prettiest caps of all of the lovely young people of Rome. Lucius, Titus, Atia, Octavia, Octavian, Brutus and more! This batch of caps is 100% GUARANTEED to not have any dodgy or blurred ones included. I took my time to only pick the best shots and angles. ;D

I don't have a decent place to host all of these, so for right now I'm using YouSendIt. I will gladly upload the zip file again if it expires! Just comment to let me know and I will put it back up ASAP. If anyone wants to host these elsewhere, please be my guest! :)

Animal Sacrifices

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